Paragraph on My New School – by Rajan

My new school is located in Pune, India. I consider it as a temple of education and a schooling floor intended for prospective citizens.


My new school is Bharat English School which is located in the heart of Pune city.


It is directed by a trust body naming Vidya Prasarini Sabha. It was established in 1874. Now, our school has 20 similar institutions spread all over the Maharashtra.


Our school is providing several training programs and quality education to the students since 1946. In 1992, our school started a junior college as well.

Main building and entrance:

Our school has occupied larger area of almost four acres. It has three huge buildings and one big playground. Even though our school is located in the center part of city you wouldn’t feel smoke, noise, dust and any other issues that pollute the surroundings.

There are several classrooms in the school. Each classroom has seating arrangement for more than 100 students.


The entrance of our school is really big. A giant bus can easily enter in our school through a big iron gate. Our school has planted many trees on empty places starting from the main gate up to the playground. The intense rainfalls of raining season, the shivering cold of the winter season, and the blazing temperature of the summer season cannot snag us when we are inside the school.

School Garden:

As soon as we enter in the school we find grassy lawn and garden on the left side of Iron Gate. Our school garden is truly a beautiful place. It contains blossom beds, green lawns, fruit trees and a striking fountain. We prefer sitting on the green lawns in the summer season. We play football on a grassy lawn in the rainy season. In the winter season, the flowers in our school garden blossom and attract gorgeous butterflies. This place attracts many students especially the junior ones.

Library and Laboratories:

Our school has got two biggest laboratories for performing scientific experiments. The library of our school is a big place. We enjoy reading story books inside a library. It also contains study books for studious students. We can borrow these books for a certain time. Apart from this, our school has got one big study room where we study during the exams. We are not allowed to make noise inside a study room. We strictly obey this rule to maintain discipline inside school.

Our school teachers:

Our school has appointed truly an experienced staff for the students. Our teachers are highly skilled into their own profession. They are little strict but equally friendly towards the students. They teach us several things that are important in the outer world. Our school consistently provides the best results in the state level exams. The hard working nature of our teachers, principal, and peons has placed our school at the top level in a Pune city.


I dearly respect my new school. I am proud to be a student of this school. This school has given me many things that cannot be bought with money.

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