Paragraph on My Planet My Home – by Rajan

My planet my home; we often read this template on the entrance of many homes. Home is a place where we live with our family and relatives.


Many times I have heard the phrase that says “east or west my home and family is the best”.


It is completely factual according to my sweet home. I belong to a middle class family and therefore my home is not that big which we see in the movies.

My home structure:

There are just five members in my family. We live in a small home that contains six rooms. We never feel the inadequateness of space since we have arranged each room properly and neatly.

Dining room:

We have decorated our dining room with flowers and beautiful curtains. Our dining room is located inside the kitchen itself. We have strictly attended cleanliness inside this room. My mother and sister clean the floors of this room every day.

This room contains many electronic accessories and groceries. We have placed a dining table and six chairs in the middle of dining room. Besides this, we have sited a television set and a refrigerator inside this room. We also have a water purifier.



My home contains three bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own washing room and bathroom. All bedrooms are painted in light colors. Each bedroom has enough space for sleeping and resting.

Each member of my family has decorated their bedroom depending on own needs and requirements. Among all bedrooms, my brother’s bedroom is most attractive because he is a born artist. He has wisely colored his room with shady colors that can easily attract the eyes of a viewer.

Room for Gods:

We also have one Puja room where we have placed a mini temple for Gods. We consider this room as a holy place of our house. I prefer sitting in this room whenever I feel sad or disturbed.


My parents have instructed us to keep discipline inside the house. They never stop us from fighting, playing or making noise; they just want us to follow some necessary morals.

They have taught us to share each other’s work. We always mull over the requests and placate of another family member. I think this is the top clandestine to preserve contentment inside a family.

We play many games inside our house. I and my brother play cricket inside the hall. It gives much pleasure when we make adjustments inside small room just for accomplishing our game.

My mother has planted small trees in the backyard. We equally take a good care of these plants. We have divided the seven days of a week among each family member. My parents have arranged some necessary tasks for each member.


Every person has family in this world. But only the lucky ones have a sweet and happy family. I am blessed to have such wonderful family. I consider my family as the best family in this world. In the end, I can only say that my home is my planet, my soul, and my purpose for living.

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