Paragraph on My Wonderful Wish – by Silki


We all have our own wishes— big or small, doable or impossible, trivial or wonderful. It may be a need, a desire, a want, a request or even realizing a fantasy.

It all depends upon the person, the situation he or she is in, or the environment around him or her.


But, no matter what they may be, we either strive to exert our time, concentration, wherewithal and efforts to obtain our wishes or, just rather leave their realizations to the mysterious strokes of fate. As for myself, my wonderful wish is to realize world peace.

World Peace:

My wonderful wish of realizing world peace could easily raise eyebrows from my fellow students, if not, from several people. Most of the time, I receive reactions of indifference or snide remarks, when I am asked about my wish. They look at it as a far-fetched notion and an impossible dream. While I may agree with them with the difficulties of achieving world peace, I always counter and support my wonderful wish by relating various frustrating effects to humanity and the whole world in general and to students, like me, in particular when world peace is not achieved.

War obviously disturbs and disrupts the normal flow of things. Foremost, it is a deterrent to realize other dreams and the rest of all the wonderful wishes. How can one pursue his or her wish when the opening salvo of war had already destructed it in the first place?

I may be too paranoid or engaged in wishful thinking through carrying with me my wonderful wish. But, the current realities occurring amidst our society appear to be hinged upon fragile relations among countries and its allies around the world. While it may be impossible to obtain a Utopian state where there are no disagreements or hatred, it could always be possible to achieve it when one has the will power and diligence to pursue it.

How It’s Realized:


I have a strong faith for my wonderful wish to be realized. It may take a long process to fulfill it, or perhaps, several generations to finally realize it. But, there will be no other time to work on the realization of my wonderful wish but now, and it ought to start with me. It is a challenging and huge endeavor, but any long journey, as they say, always starts with a single small step. It is basically and primarily altering my attitudes and influencing others, where we only recognize the truth, the good, and the beautiful, just as we were taught by our families and in school.

Furthermore, I live by the hopes that kindness always begets kindness. Good deeds touch lives. That’s how influencing and spreading the purpose will be about. So, when cultivated by many, goodness becomes a powerful force to reckon with, and ultimately, be able to sustain the peace around us.


Therefore, I strongly believe that all wishes come true, if not by a flick of a finger, in due time. Like my wonderful wish, it could always be attainable no matter how impossible it is.

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