Paragraph on Our Relationship with Nature – by Shanu

Serenity and peace on one hand, storm and hurricane on the other, such is the combination, the nature is comprised of.

When it comes to define our relationship with Nature, we can define it in two ways – one as close and committed and the other as disrespectful and merciless.


This is because there are people who add value to the nature, but on the contrary, there are people who do not even care about the existence of nature. One should understand that it is the nature that gives us the power to live, exist and fade away.

Worshipping nature means worshipping the Almighty as it is the energy- positive or negative that makes a difference. Nature can be defined as the two points of the extremity- fierce and gentle, blissful and dark, love and hatred, creation and destruction, etc. It depends on us how to handle our relationship with Nature, the ‘Almighty’.

The Blissful Side:

In the vicinity of the nature, we find peace, joy, stability and we discover ourselves. There is a very old saying in Sanskrit as ‘Vrukshastvaam Bodhayanti’, meaning, the trees educate us. People who were in search of peace of mind were guided by the ‘gurus’ to visit the forests for seeking the answers to their questions. Since ages, nature has been close to the human life. Our relationship with Nature can be improved by adding a value to it, i.e. planting trees, using environment-friendly materials, etc.

The Spiritual Side:

The power of our relationship with Nature is experienced by some people through spiritual activities like meditation, yoga, etc. Meditation leads us to the depths of nature and beyond infinity. Experiencing the first deep cool breath in the morning and smiling is the relationship that we can share with the almighty nature. An early walk on the dewy grass and feeling the love bestowed upon us is that relationship.


Many people feel themselves as one with nature. The soul is nothing but an immortal component of nature. Thus we can see that the nature helps us exploring our spiritual side and vice versa. Thus as we sow, so we reap.

The Dark Side:

Deforestation, killing of animals for the joy of owns, following unhygienic habits, using private vehicles instead of the public transport, thus polluting the nature is a dark side of our relationship with Nature. This leads to the degradation of the nature and then the nature gives us back the same thing- unbearable and scorching heat, massive and flooding rains and chilling dry cold. The way we maintain our relationship, the way nature responds to us. It is that simple.


The relationship, may it be with family, friends or nature, all we need to dedicate is love, time and understanding, as this will lead to the enhancement of our relationship with Nature. The provision for pollution free environment, afforestation must be done by the humans to improve and maintain the relationship with nature. The last but not the least, the feeling of oneness with the supreme energy of nature will lead us to the path of serenity and peace, thus exploring a new side of the nature, every time we follow the path.

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