Paragraph on Our Universe – by Shanu

When it comes to defining our Universe, all we can think of is ‘infinity’. It can be termed as a miracle of nature that it manages to hold infinite number of planets, stars, galaxies, matter, subatomic particles, energy, all in a dark empty space.

However research on the existence of our Universe still continues to be a trending issue, there is a wide range of facts unknown and unseen, which lie hidden deep inside its womb.

The Big Bang:


One of the strong and ancient beliefs regarding our Universe is that, it the whole matter and energy of the universe was concentrated at one single point with its temperature around10 billion degrees Fahrenheit. This point then exploded by releasing energy in the form of light, sound and matter, due the temperature cooled down to a greater extent 13.8 billion years ago, which is considered as the age of the universe. It is said that at the time of exploding, a sound was produced and that sound is assumed to be the sound of the holy ‘OM’.

The Scientific Thought:

It is believed that our Universe has infinite number of galaxies, of which our galaxy is the Milky Way. Also, there is a concept of multi universe. There are many space research centers like NASA who have been doing a research of the dark space. The cosmological model of the universe is taken into consideration while performing the research, which emphasizes upon the Big Bang theory.

It is also believed that the universe is balanced due to its equal positive and negative energies. The great scientists like Albert Einstein proposed the theory of relativity and Newton was the first to discover gravity and there were many more that dived into the secrets of the universe. It is predicted that there is an end to this universe and that once again the entire energy and matter of our Universe will be concentrated at a single point, which will again mark the beginning of a new universe.

The Spiritual Thought:

Our body is formed of atoms, matter, particles, which are the components of the Universe. So it is said that the body holds the ‘urja’ or the energy and that our soul has the capacity of achieving whatever we think. There are various theories regarding the gravity like the ‘Law of Attraction’ which believes- what we think is what we attract. The body is temporary but the soul is as old as the universe.


We are not what our body is, but our soul is our identity which is immortal. The energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it is just transferred from one form to another. Many a times, people think that our Universe controls us, but many are unaware of the fact that we have got the power of controlling everything that takes place around us.


Despite innumerable theories, our Universe still remains a scintillating mystery for the space researchers, astronauts and the believers of spirituality. The positive and the negative, both are inevitable as the destruction of either, leads to the destruction of our Universe!

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