Paragraph on Preparing For Final Exams – by Anand


Preparing for the final exams is one of the most important phases of a student’s life. It is a time of utmost hard work and dedication.

One cannot afford to waste time during this period. One is equally serious and nervous during this time as the final exams determine the position of the student in comparison with others in the class. It becomes the basis of his future.

The Importance of Final Exams:


The final exams are the most essential part of the student’s academic year. It is the deciding factor of the student’s performance throughout the year. Whatever the student had been taught the whole academic year is reflected in his answer scripts and the marks that he secures in his final exams, determine whether he is eligible for the higher class or not. Final exams have a lot riding on them. Even the hopes and expectations of one’s parents are fixated on the results of these exams.

Method of Preparation:

Preparation for final exams requires meticulous division of time to study and streamlining the other routine work according to one’s study time. The best way to prepare is to make a timetable of the various subjects and how much time is to be dedicated to each subject. This has to be decided by understanding one’s strong and weak subjects. Weak subjects should be given more time than strong subjects. Only making the timetable is not enough.

One has to adhere to the same with dedication. One must also understand the fact that rest is equally important as in a healthy body lies a healthy mind. One should take proper rest and then study. Also, meals should be taken at regular intervals so as to kill the hunger, as hunger kills concentration.

What Not To Do?

Preparation for final exams also requires not doing things which might hamper the same. It is expected of every individual to not waste time watching the television or spending time on the computer as they tend to be distracting. It is also advisable to step out of the house only so much as is required. One has to really maintain a rigorous schedule so as to do well in the final exams. Sleeping late is a habit which should be stopped as it makes us wake up late in the morning. And the morning revision of the syllabus is the most important thing which gets missed out in the process. Students should also not be given calculators to solve their math problems. This makes them lazy and inefficient.



Preparation for the final exams is thus an indispensible part of a student’s life. It will either make his future or break it. If the student is particularly determined and does all that is required to do then he will end up with good results. However, if he does the activities which are not advised then he will end up scoring lesser marks. Good marks make the parents proud and also give the student an edge over the others.

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