Paragraph on Recess Period of My School- by Silki


Recess period of my school is the most enjoyable and most anticipated time from classes.

For one thing, recess time is an opportunity for me to relax between brain-draining activities of learning, which would then dictate and prompt my stomach to growl and feel hungry.


I see such situations as similar to a racecar refueling in a pit stop in a circuit race. All the burden and boredom of school work is temporarily lost. Everything about school is forgotten, albeit for a while. I see my fellow students around me perk up and eventually race on our ways towards the school canteen, while others find their respective different routes.

Two Recess Periods:

There are a couple of recess period of my school that I always eagerly await. The first occurs between our morning class sessions; and the other one, happening in mid-afternoon. The sudden, surprising and long, irritating sounds of the school bell signalling both recess times actually become wonderful music to my ears that also excite my stomach. Usually, during the first recess period of my school, I go directly to our school canteen to have bites of samosa, which I follow to wash it up with ice-cold juice or soda. It’s actually a follow-up breakfast meal, which I oftentimes do not finish upon moving quickly to catch the school bus fetching me up.

The recess period of my school during the afternoon is usually spent at the school grounds with classmates while sharing funny stories and anecdotes. I just don’t have the urge of feeding my stomach since I am yet usually full at that time from consuming my heavy lunch. Instead, I just interrupt the monotony of my taste buds with a couple of fruit candies that has been religiously inserted in my schoolbag’s pocket by my mom. And, at the very least, I am contented having a relaxing air around me while not getting pushed again from the jam-packed crowd at the canteen.

Common Activities:

Each student has actually a different notion of spending a recess period in my school aside from rushing and eating at the canteen. I find a few of the students liking to remain in the classroom and read or study lessons for the upcoming class following recess time. Some would rather go to attend school club meetings. Others find their way communing at the school library, either to enjoy the fresh air-conditioned atmosphere or study further or finish undone assignments. But I often noticed that most girls spend almost the whole recess period inside washrooms, obviously to freshen up their pretty faces and come out as neat as they entered the first hour of school.



Despite the recess period in my school may seem so brief, it is a precious time for students not only to take a break from learning, but also to give students personal choices of how to spend it. Either, it would be eating, sharing stories, performing school chores, studying, loitering around or grooming, students generally enjoy doing their respective activities during recess. And, I am no exception.

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