Paragraph on Role of Mother in Your Life– by Supriya


A mother contributes her whole life for the betterment of her family. She tries to maintain peace in the family by creating a sense of togetherness & providing unconditional love to the family.

She provides live, support, care, affection to all the family members especially to her growing children.


A mother provides unparalleled nurturing to her children to make them better human beings. The job of a mother is not an easy one because she is responsible to create an ideal living atmosphere for her children so that they can contribute something for the betterment of the society.

Roles played by a mother:

A Mother plays many roles in her life. She acts like a protector, nurse, mentor, guide, friend & a teacher for her children’s. She also acts as a leader who can lead her family. She scarifies so many things in life for her family. She rejoices when her children rejoice & she gets hurt when her children hurt. But in return she expects nothing from them except health & happiness of her children. She takes care of the health of the family members ignoring her own health. She cooks food, washes clothes; sweep & mop the house to keep it clean & tidy. She is an important part of a parental team. She is her husband’s helpmate & soul of the entire family. She fights with various kinds of evil to protect her family.

Importance of a mother:

A mother is a very important part of a family. She teaches her children to be polite, honest & behave in a proper manner. As her children grow up she becomes their friends. She picks them when they fall, takes them in her cozy arms when they cry, loves them even when they make mistakes & is always there for them like a shadow in every phase of life. The most important role that mother plays is the role of a teacher. She teaches everything to her children since they are born. She teaches them how to laugh, talk, walk, eat, dance, sing, love, write & read. She teaches her children the importance of being disciplined. A mother guards her children from various tough phases of life. She teaches them ways on how to fight with difficulties & life challenges to achieve success. Every mother deserves love & respect from her family members.

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