Paragraph on ‘Save Life’ – by Rajan

Save life; the phrase says it all. As a human we owe something to the world. Saving a life is same as giving a birth!


The world has turned selfish when we started giving extra importance to the money.


How many of us know that life is more expensive than the money? We frequently come across the situation when we notice another life fading because of the helplessness. Whether it is a bird, an animal or a human being, we must understand the importance of saving life.


Life is an incredible occurrence that has completed this planet. Life cannot be solely defined as a breathing body, but it is a permutation of soul, feelings, love and affection. Regrettably very few people understand the exact implication of life, otherwise there wouldn’t have Abortion like operations or selfish mind towards animals and birds.

Stop abortion and save life!

Abortion is strappingly condemned by folks with brawny religious and spiritual beliefs. They judge that our life is consent from a deity. As a result they try to obliterate or adapt a life.

Some parents cannot afford the efforts required in growing a girl child. It has seen that most of the abortion cases involve a feminine fetus as the major reason. Isn’t that malicious? There is no curse as hurting as the gender discrimination. By attempting these kinds of operations, we not only kill an innocent life but we also put the future of next generation in danger.


In order to save life of innocent babies, abortions must be banned. As a part of society, we must consult this fact with the couples who are planning for the abortion. We don’t have right to interfere in someone’s life but if it is saving a life then we have to cross our limits.

Saving a life of birds:

Birds are the most delicate among all living beings. Some birds die even after an intense sunlight. They cannot cope with the changes in climate. Consider an example of a sparrow. Have you ever thought that a sparrow dies mostly in the summer season? Yes, it is the fact. The burning heat and butchery thirst of the summer season kill them.

To save the lives of birds in summer, we must keep the vessels full of water on our terrace so that a thirsty bird can find sufficient water. Some birds also enter into our house during the winter and rainy seasons. We should let them rest in our house.

Saving a life of animals:

Many animals die in the road accidents. Take an example of dogs. We could see almost ten expired dogs in a month. These animals never die when they get hit by a vehicle but they die because of our ignorance. It is our responsibility to provide necessary medications to an injured animal.

We must provide proper medical treatments to the animals that have come across accidents.


We think about the money, efforts and time when we see any helpless living being. In reality, these three factors are not that important when it comes to saving a life.

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