Paragraph on Save Our Environment – by Silki


Save our environment if you want the mankind to survive. It’s important not only for the survival of mankind, but also for any living creature on this earth.


The environment, or if you call it our nature, should not go out of balance. Mankind is powerful and inventive, but, its nature of exploring and exploiting every opportunity given is going to make the earth lifeless. So, this is the time you make efforts to save our environment.

Saving the Environment to Save the Future Generation:

Maybe we are not thinking about today, but what about the tomorrow? You are going to leave a highly polluted environment behind. Your children are going to breathe a poisonous air and drink toxic water. Do we care for them? If we do, we should save our environment. Our environment is moving fast toward mass destruction. Stop it if you want the earth to survive longer.

Save Our Environment by Being Responsible:


Your every action will count. You should not only hold others responsible, make yourself responsible too. Why not start saving our environment being a little less self-concerned. Sometimes give priority to the nature before giving priority to yourself. Save the energy, save plants and be sympathetic to the nature surrounding us.

Life priorities and necessities are never going to reduce. But among all of them, make some time for ensuring the well being of the environment you live in. To save our environment, no life changing movement is required. If anything is required, that is will power, honest inclination and some small initiatives. Save our environment by being a responsible citizen. Teach your child and others to save water. Do not waste water. It’s a very precious element of our environment.

Save Our Environment:

We know that we can’t save our environment overnight. But, having an intention to make this possible is all that count. Reduce wastage of papers. Try not to ruin plants. They are one of the biggest factors that can keep the earth fertile and save the life. Save trees to save our environment. Encourage your child to plant trees in any empty ground. As I said before, the initiative counts. If you feel the need of saving the environment, you will stop others from doing something which can hurt the well being of the nature.

Save the environment by being a little close to the nature. You can also make a large contribution by reducing the wastage of electricity. Yes, in India the production of electricity is still dependent on the non renewable energy sources.

Switch off the lights and fans when you don’t need them. Sometimes it’s even great to enjoy the natural light and air. Allow circulation of air and flow of light inside the home to save energy.


So we should try to save our environment by making the small day to day initiatives. The first thing you should do is try to save water, trees and electricity. This will make a big difference. Also try to spread good words and educate children about it. Love the nature to save the earth for our own future.

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