Paragraph on Save Our Tiger – by Shanu

When it comes to animals, everyone has its attention focused our National Animal and the most magnificent and charismatic one- The Tiger.

Apart from being the national animal, the tiger continues to be the pride of India, but on the contrary, instead of saving the tiger, people have taken the most out of it, the life of the tiger itself.


The tigers are reaching extinction as the people kill the tigers for their own joy and an interest in its skin and bones without taking into consideration that they should preserve the Indian wildlife treasure. The time has come now to save our Tiger!

The Present Scenario:

The tigers in India have been declared as an endangered species. Many projects are undertaken and many acts have been passed in the protection of the tiger. Project Tiger was launched in India under the governance of PM Indira Gandhi in 1973 and now we have projects like WWF Save Tigers. Since then there are many organizations that work selflessly to save tigers.

Asia witnessed around 100,000 tigers a century ago and now the count has fallen drastically to 3,200. In India, West Bengal, where a tiger is not mere tiger, but is called as ‘The Royal Bengal Tiger’, the population of white tigers has fallen from 40,000 to 1,400. The white tiger species are now declared as the endangered ones. There are consumers who demand for the goods made of tiger skin or bones, which have finally led the government to make it illegal.

Who is Responsible?

We, the consumers around the world, who ask for tiger products, the government for not taking legal action at an early basis and building strong laws, the people who cut the forests, thereby destroying the habitat of the tigers, must realize that it is our responsibility to save the tiger and treat the tiger as not just animal, but like a family.

Finding the Solution:


The solution is as simple as this- ‘DO NOT KILL THE TIGER’ for any reason. Do not support the illegal trade of tiger products. If anywhere we see such a trade taking place in our vicinity, we must report the police. Do not support the destruction of the tiger habitat. If there is no availability of the habitat, create one and gift it to the tigers.

The major solution is, do not just listen or think or read about saving the tiger, instead, ‘TAKE ACTION’. Stay informed and spread the awareness in each niche and corner. Finally, donate to Save Our Tiger and help our country to keep our national and most terrific animal safe and sound from adversities.


To save our Tiger is not only our duty, but also our responsibility. Supporting the government in its projects for the protection of the tigers and giving it a thought and time will lead to a healthy population of the tigers, because when we ask something from the nature, we must be ready to give something back. If the nature is responsible for our existence, we must take the responsibility for its existence.

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