Paragraph on Scene at a Circus – by Rajan

Any scene at a circus brings the joy on child’s face. There is no fun as wonderful as attending a circus show.


In the olden times, there was a huge craze of circus shows. While watching this show we never realize how we spent the last three hours.


It consists of a number of actors, jokers, animals, motorcyclists, and much more. A circus show brings the complete package of entertainment.

Scenes at a circus:

I visited a circus show during the last summer vacation. One thing I can definitely speak about a circus is that it is a concoction of original masterminds and acquired flairs.

The circus show was arranged on a big playground since it needs a bigger place. A big tent roped tightly from all corners is called as a circus house. The tent is decorated by colored bulbs to attract the crowd.

Every circus show consists of 20-25 scenes. All scenes in a circus entertain us a lot. Some scenes make us laugh whereas some scenes bring spikes on our body. Even some scenes touch our souls.


These scenes are played by the people who belong to several countries such as India, Japan, America, Russia, Africa etc.

Some of the best scenes in a circus include playing with an elephant, ordering tigers to sit on chairs, sky-flying ropes, two motorcycles riding in a small container, and comedy shows of the jokers.

Memorable scene at a circus:

Among all mesmerizing scenes in a circus, one scene truly frightened me. It was ordering tigers to sit on appropriate chairs.

This scene included four trained tigers and one hunter-man. In this scene, the hunter-man shows us how he commands the tigers and makes them sit on the shown chairs.

The scene started after the end of joker’s poetry. The light arranger dimmed the lights in the beginning. I managed to hear the announcement saying “Be ready to surround yourself with tigers”. I was frightened after hearing the announcement. Suddenly, four cages covered with curtains were brought on the stage. A man bringing a hunter in hand came on the stage. He was a Russian person.

Initially, he looked at the whole crowd. He started doing some violent actions using a hunter which made the entire crowd scared of his power. Then he dropped the curtains from each cage. There were tigers inside. Each tiger started roaring loudly. Many children started screaming after watching the tigers. Then, he opened the cage. All tigers were well-trained. They took a circular march on the stage. At the end, hunter-man started ordering each tiger to sit on the given chair. All tigers were obeying his orders.

The scene was over and the crowd started clapping hands. This applause was a sign to emphasize the courage of a hunter-man.


This scene is one of my best scenes seen at a circus. I cannot forget the roars of those four tigers throughout my life. I still remember the actions of a hunter-man. His bravery brings the courage inside me.

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