Paragraph on Scene at a Village Well –by Jenny


Wells are very much common in villages and one would find wells almost everywhere.

Well water is pure and hygiene and just sanitizing once in a while would make the water a lot more on the safer side to be used for drinking purposes mainly.

Scene at the Village Well:


We reside in a village named Alathur, In Kerala. A quiet and serene place to be and I love the beauty of the village very much. The most common problem faced over here is water transportation and availability of pure water. Like in cities, the pipe connections have not been completely active and hence people depend mostly on the wells available in this area.

Fortunately there are many wells over here. Some are at the common places, while some are in the boundaries of certain homes. However, the people are very co-operative over here and hence water could be shared, when in scarcity.

On a regular basis, I have seen that, during the morning times, mostly ladies would be lined up in long queues with colorful pots to fetch water from these wells. Some use water for bathing, while some others for washing and other basic needs. Some store water and then after boiling use it for drinking. On the whole, people are disciplined and do not fight over, as seen in other villages for water over here .No matter what, what surprises me is that, the water in these wells is always in plenty to meet the needs of the people living in here, and that makes the wells, being a very important factor in the lives of the people here.


We have all learnt that well water is pure and good in all respects, however, it is safe to sanitize it once in a while and I have seen people over here following certain simple steps to keep the well water clean and safe for use. Also it is made sure that the surrounding of the wells are also kept very neat and tidy as well water is basically ground water and hence, we are as whole in this village make sure that we are able to use clean and safe water for our domestic purposes.

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