Paragraph on School during the Recess – by Jenny


School recess is the time that is looked upon with great interest by students in a school.

Recess are very much important for schools as that is the time when students get a break to refresh themselves and get prepared and energize for the next set of class hours that would be taking place. However, recess times are a total mess as far as the school sees it…

During recess time:


There are the short recess and long recesses in schools. The short recesses are just hardy for 5-10 minutes. It is basically for students to refresh themselves. However, in smaller classes they use this recess for having their snacks and in higher classes usually for discussions. Sometimes it is peaceful, but other times, it may go very noisy. Next are the larger recess, which usually would be for the main meal which is the lunch. That would be for about 30-35 minutes and students have a great time during that recess. They have their lunch, which would be fun for them as they share the variety homemade food and enjoy it and also after having lunch, they would have time for a short play around the school or go out and for many other activities.

Following the long recess, a short recess, just before the school winds up would be there, for which again it is actually meant for getting freshen up before leaving school. In short, schools have about 3 recess which student definitely get freshen and also enjoy having their meals and having some fun time among their friends.


Recess is one of the important factors that schools are following and it is one way to keep students active and attentive in classes, by awakening their thoughts at regular intervals, thereby not stressing them much and making it more enjoyable for them to learn and play and enjoy their school life.

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