Paragraph on Self-Reliance–Silki


The meaning of self reliance is relying on your powers and abilities rather than someone else’s.


The question is – why do we need to be self reliant? How does it make a difference? I don’t know about you, but developing self reliance is not a compulsion; it’s an encouragement to me. I see it as a challenge as well as a pride. Because self reliance makes me independent and confident about my own abilities. Our abilities and capabilities are determined by our performance. If we work well, and work solely based on our talent, we won’t need anybody’s help to accomplish our goals and success.

Benefits of Self-Reliance:

When you become self reliant, you take the control of life in your hand. It will seem a bit scary in the beginning, but gradually you will realize you are getting many opportunities to expand your horizons, develop yourself as a more free and capable person. Self reliance will need you to take the most important decisions of life on your own. There are many people who oppose self reliance. Because when you become self reliant, people lose control on you. As they can’t control your thoughts and actions anymore, it becomes difficult for them to use your powers or skills for their own benefits.

When you belief on self reliance, you learn to work harder for your own success. You start to listen to your own mind and consciousness. You know, self reliance teaches you to survive the worst. When you learn to be self reliant, you find out means to overcome an obstruction and often succeed. This is when your confidence in yourself increases.


How Self Reliance Makes a Difference:

Self reliance means independence. And what you do to be self reliant? If you love independence, you will try to achieve it through any means possible. In the beginning of your career, you should value your education. You’ve to get a good education to get established. Only education can give you independence easily and with dignity. You have to try to establish a good career so that you don’t have to depend for money on someone else.

During your journey of achieving self reliance, you will learn to fight against the odds and learn to take right decisions at the right time. The overall result of this is that you become a wise person with an understanding of the good and the bad.


Self reliance is always good. It develops your thoughts and understandings. There is nothing bad in becoming self reliant. It makes your life better in every aspect. Self reliance allows you to build a better world as you never expect someone to work on your behalf, or never use the ability of one to make your life better.

Self reliance teaches you to have faith in yourself. And as you know, a confident person often does well in every aspect of life. So, learn to be self reliant. It has many great benefits to enjoy. Being self reliant, you will also be able to make the lives of your loved ones better.

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