Paragraph on The Aim of Education –by Silki



What is the aim of education? Why do you want to be educated? Is it really because you want to be financially dependent, take the responsibility of the family or something like that?

What’s the value of education to you? Answers will certainly differ according to an individual’s point of view.

But we can say one thing for sure, the aim of education can never be restricted. Yes, I know there are people who see education only as the best method to acquire professional credential, but that’s certainly not the only aim of education.

Meaning of Education:


The meaning of education is extremely narrow to the modern society. Children are being forced to be educated to get professionally recognized. While education is extremely important for this purpose, aim of education is much more than this. Education is not only about reading the school or college syllabus. Any noble learnings from the world can be a part of our education. When you get to know about beautiful and new things from a person, you’re being educated. The aim of education is vast. The aim of education is to become a good person.

The aim of education should never be biased. The role of a teacher is very important in this case. A teacher educates a child. A child, whatever he gets to learn during his childhood, is going to carry that throughout his/her life and pass on to the next generation at the end. So, the meaning and aim of education can’t be restricted to personal gains only. The aim of education has to be much bigger.

Aim of Education:


Of course, people have different needs and perceptions about education. But that doesn’t change the real importance of it. A good education can help a society be independent and get over the problem of poverty. There are many people, for whom education is the passion, not a compulsion. They love to read and know about life improvements and human development. People like Swami Vivekananda spent their whole lives taking education and sharing knowledge with the worldwide population.

If you’re passionate about education, you should try to know what is the real value of it. You should not get education just to use it for your benefit. If you can spread the benefits of education to the whole society, remember, you’re also going to be a beneficiary at the end.


So, think positively. The aim of education should be helping the society get over the weaknesses and superstition. The aim of education should be helping the country be one of the most credible and self dependent countries of the world. Education has incredible powers. It helps us to learn about new possibilities and become a problem solver. When you distribute knowledge, you also get education and learnings from others.

The aim of education should be helping the society be autonomous and free from the evil powers. An educated mind doesn’t come under any influence so fast. This is why, I believe the real aim of education should be making people independent thinkers and excellent decision makers.

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