Paragraph on The Cat


The cat is one of the most common domestic and pet animals.

Its small size, cute nature and lazy behavior make it a favorite pet among many girls and boys.


As such they do not have any economic usage like the cow or goat but they have been historically associated with the task of catching mice and rats and thus, households at times are quite keen on keeping a pet cat. The cat is a very interesting animal.

The cat as an animal:

The cat is the smallest animal of the feline family, the other bigger members being the tiger, the lion, the jaguar, the cheetah, the puma and the leopard. As all other member of the family are infamous for ferocity, the cat also has streaks of the ferocious nature, which surfaces when it is cornered. Its scientific name is Felis catus. It is a quadruped creature, meaning it has four legs. Its body is covered in moderate to thick fur. Cats in the temperate and cold region are also killed for their beautiful fur. Their feet are padded with a layer of extra flesh that hides their claws which is why they produce no sound while walking. Their eyes glow in the dark. They also have sharp canines and bite occasionally; a cat’s bite can also be fatal. They are very swift animals and the noiseless movement makes them clever thieves of food.

The cat’s representation:

The most famous representation of this creature was in the form of a renowned cartoon, Tom and Jerry, where Tom, the mischievous cat won every kid’s heart. Actually a lot of animation films featured cats in various roles. The eminent novelist Bankim Chandra Chattapadhyay elucidated ideas of socialism through the character of a fictional cat in one of his novels. One more famous cat in history is Sir Isaac Newton’s pet cat, Diamond, who is said to have burnt some of his master’s invaluable theses. For their stealthy nature, cats are also associated with the darker sciences and medieval witchcraft. A lot of films portraying fearsome cats have actually done quite well at the box office.


Well-fed cats seldom succeed in catching mice. Rich people pamper their cat with excess food and luxuries. It is not due to their love for animals because stray cats are generally shooed away. However, every animal is God’s creation and we shouldn’t be cruel with cats and at least give them the food we waste.

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