Paragraph on the Effect of Cell Phones on Health – by Shanu

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of our life. According to a survey, there are about 7 billion cell phone users in the world.

With the increased use of mobile phones, there have also been some concerns raised regarding the possible effects of cell phones on health. Cell phones use radio frequency (RF) radiation for communication.


If this RF radiation increases beyond a certain limit it increases the temperature of the body. There have been talks that the low level of RF radiation that the mobile phone emits can cause ailments like brain tumours or headaches.

Top 5 Reasons for Reducing Its Use:

The reasons which call for reduced use of cell phones are as follows:

1. Cell phones can cause an increase in stress level with their continued ringing, and vibrating alerts.

2. Use of cell phones can also cause an increased chance of illness in the immune system.


3. Too much use of cell phones can also cause body pains which can become chronic.

4. It is also one of the main reasons behind eyesight related problems;

5. Use of cell phones can also cause changes in enzyme that affects the DNA and which can cause cell growth which in turn can cause cancer.

Though there have been serious health concerns, yet there has been no definitive proof that use of cell phones can cause cancer or brain tumors.

What Precautions You Can Take?

1. Choose cell phone models that have low SAR value which states the quantity of RF radiations absorbed by the body.

2. Always use hands free kit if you have the choice.

3. If possible try to keep your call duration as short as possible.

Things to Remember:

There has been no scientific proof available till now that says that use of cell phones causes cancer. However, a cancerous cell can take years or even years to develop and research regarding the use cell phones has studied the potential health concerns for a few years only. So we cannot say anything positively about the adverse effects of cell phones on health. That is why the use of cell phone should be kept to a minimum possible level from at our end. This will help us to maintain a safe distance from the adverse effect of the cell phones.

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