Paragraph on the Evaluation and Growth of E-Commerce

Paragraph on the Evaluation and Growth of E-Commerce!

E-commerce can be defined in a very simple way as using electronic media for conducting commerce.


This involves activities like setting up an electronic interface between service provider and the target (viz. Customer), streamlining the workflow in the organisation to process the requests from the customer and ultimately deliver whatever is promised.

For example, a website which acts as the interface between the organisation and its customers, has a network of many warehouses which are interlinked so that they can process the incoming requests and ultimately has a tie up with FedEx so that they can courier the goods to the customers.

Contrary to the popular belief, e-commerce is about much more than simply opening up a new, online sales channel. It’s about using technology to streamline your business model, creating savings and increasing efficiency. It is about lowering costs and establishing closer, more responsive relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners. The two parties in the transaction i.e. provider of service and the target of service can be either a business or an end user (customer).

Depending on this the three types of e-commerce are B2B (business to business) like Seibel technologies, B2C like and C2C like ebay . com the companies involved in e-commerce can be classified in two categories.


One is the company that exists only on the Internet. These companies do not have physical stores or do business in the traditional way. Two examples of this are and CdNow . com. The other type of company uses the Internet to complement its existing business.

One example may be Barnes and Noble (bame and npble . com). In addition to selling books at their stores with locations across the country, Barnes and Noble operates a web site in which customers can search for books that they may be interested in purchasing site in which customers can search for books that they may be interested in purchasing.

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