Paragraph on the First Indian to Travel in Space


The first Indian to travel in space was Rakesh Sharma, a citizen of Patiala, Punjab. He was born in 1949 on January, 13.

He recorded a space walk to the space station namely Salyut Seven.

Early life:


Though Rakesh was born in the Punjab state, he completed his schooling in Hyderabad. He took admission to the St. George’s Grammar School which is located in the highly educated area of the Hyderabad. After completing the education in 1966, he decided to become an Air Force Cadet. Thus, he joined the National Defense Academy i.e. NDA. It was 1970 when the Indian Air Force decided to sign up him as a Pilot Officer. Thus, Rakesh started his profession as a Test Pilot and Cosmonaut.

Let’s have a look at the timeline of Rakesh’s life. Rakesh got selected as an Air Force trainee in 1966. Then, later in 1970, he was selected as a test pilot. After one year i.e. in 1971, he recorded a fly in a Russian jet naming Mikoyan-Gurevich. Later in 1984, Rakesh received an opportunity to join a space mission. As a result, he became the first Indian to attend a space trip. In April 1984, the first Indian astronaut, Rakesh Sharma, traveled in a space by Soviet spaceship.

Space Operation:

He successfully spent eight days in the space station called Salyut 7 using Soviet spaceship. He was given a proper training to become an astronaut. He was selected among hundreds of candidates who applied for the post of an astronaut. As a part of space curriculum, Rakesh needed to go through special training programs held at Russia. This training continued for eighteen months to learn and acclimatize him for space travel. It was 1982 September, 20; when Rakesh was selected as a cosmonaut. During this travel, Rakesh studied various scientific and technical facts in a space. This study incorporated almost 43 investigational sessions.

The foremost thing that every astronaut needs to go through is to learn to live into the zero gravity. Apart from this, he needed to work more on the special subjects of remote sensing and biomedicine. In one lecture held in the Bangalore, Rakesh revealed the fact that he did an intensive yoga to manage to live in the zero gravity.



Rakesh has always been an idle for the students who wish to work in the fields of Aeronautics. He has given a way to achieve the ambitions. While in space he was asked by the then prime minister about his country. His reply was “sare jahanse achha”. Every Indian feels proud of him and is inspired by him. His name will remain in the annals of history for-ever.

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