Paragraph on the Golden Age of Youth – by Jenny


Youth is one phase of life that nobody would trade for anything in their lives. It is in fact also known as the Golden age of life as one makes the most and enjoys the most during that phase of life.


Experiences, experiments, expeditions and what not, everything is done and experienced and enjoyed at the prime time of our lives. Normally the Golden age of youth is considered to be between 23 to 35 and the best in a lifetime.

Why is youth known as the Golden Age:

When you enter your youth, which is around 23-24 years of age, you are all zest up with energy that nothing can stop you from doing what you would like to do. Life is enjoyed to the maximum at this phase as you do not have any responsibilities, worries, thoughts of future. ‘Live for the moment’, is your slogan and you precisely do it. Thrilling experiences, daring adventures, life risking activities, all these are mostly attempted during this phase of life. Life just becomes too colourful and full of enjoyment at this phase.

Not only is life enjoyed, but new adventures are taken, like involving yourself in new business adventures, taking new responsibilities and risks without a second thought and so on. Products are mostly focused on this age group and most sales and purchase also takes place among this age group. Trying out new trends and fashion are easily introduced in this age group rather than any other age group as it would be welcomed whole heartedly.


Apart from all the fun and entertainment, the youth in this age group are also ready to give experiments in serious arena like career and life. Some people take great challenges and start new ventures, which take them to great heights. Challenging jobs and work atmosphere is no longer a threat or scare to this age group like the previous generations. They are more daring and hence have more of the ‘Can Do’ attitude with lots of positive energy in them and this makes them more successful. Lots of successful entrepreneurships have mushroomed and this has led to more business and profits in the markets.


Being in the youth is indeed the best part of life, in all means. However, age cannot be bought back or put to a standstill and therefore, one needs to move on. By having the right focus when being in the youth would definitely help one to have a relaxed and successful ageing. Definitely youth is the Golden age of life and each one of us would love to be in this Golden age for lifetime.

Therefore one has to realize that, since we all get this opportunity only once in life, the best part of your life should be spent wisely so that you make the most out of it, both in terms of enjoyment as well as in terms of financial security. Enjoy your life and life to the fullest during this period as you would never get it back, but can hold some wonderful memories of your youth all through your lifetime.

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