Paragraph on the Impact of Science in our Daily Life- by Silki

Modern age is an age of science. The contribution of science to our daily life is by no means small.

Every aspect of our day to day life is governed by science. Science is a synonym for life. Science means innovation, communication satellites, internet, computer, television, teleprinter, etc. which have revolutionized our daily life.


Science has made the world smaller. Time and distance do not matter. Journey by land, air and sea has become easier.

We can see, hear and speak from incredible distances. Science has changed our lifestyle. Science has made daily life more comfortable. Painless and bloodless surgery is also made possible. New drugs have reduced human sufferings to a great extent. Blessings of science in daily life are numerous.

Electricity, comforts of life in the form of luxury homes and office appliances, advancement of medical science, technological progress in the field of communication – all of these have been remarkable scientific contributions. A look at these helps us get a clear picture of the impact of science in our daily life. The life amenities you are enjoying today are the offers of modern science. The field of software technology is now one of the biggest industries.

Craze for education like compute science has increased. People with a degree and accomplishments in computer science are offered better jobs and salaries. To day we use smartphones. It has been another incredible impact of science in daily life. It’s said that science is the mother of innovations. Inspiring thoughts and initiatives to make human life better has helped us enjoy these big achievements. T.V, radio, computer and the internet have made it possible to know many things . Important events happening in any part of the world can be known in no time.


Science has contributed to human comforts greatly but it has failed to contribute to human happiness. Comforts are not happiness. However the impact of science in the life of mankind has been overwhelming.

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