Paragraph on the Importance of Adult Education in India

Education is the root to all understandings and knowledge and go a great way in shaping the destiny and developments of a nation.

Without proper education, no country or state could develop to its desired level.. However, in India, the situation is a bit disappointing.


Percentage of illiteracy is alarming.. Without the right kind of education, one cannot grow in life. The introduction of adult education system helps uneducated adult people and gives an opportunity to learn and grow during their leisure hours.

Adult education has become so active in the society these days. It has helped many adults to learn, understand and acquire knowledge. Ignorance is a sin and an illiterate adult is a burden to the society. With the help of Adult education, people have become better-behaved and more understanding to the facts and figures that they see and hear around them. They become aware and can influence in opinion making.

Adult education, as the terms mentions is the education provided to men and women who are above eighteen years of age. Adult education would include education people on all aspects of life. Adult education is basically conducted as evening classes, so that the adult students could carry out their daily routines without interruption and during their free time could attend classes and learn all their rights as a citizen too. Adult education is basically on two aspects: 1) Providing education to those who never had an opportunity to attend schools before, 2) Continuing education is also introduced, where the program involves for those who have attended some schooling before.

Adult education differs from the normal kind of school education. Here, more of social education is what is being taught where religion, politics and family planning are taught to more mature people. India is a democratic country and if the country needs to progress well in all aspects, the people of the country needs to be educated.


However, there are many difficulties that one has to cross over in order to have the smooth function of Adult education. Things have been working out and people across the country have joined adult education programs and are upgrading themselves to be literate citizens of the country.

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