Paragraph on the Importance of Festivals in Life – by Silki

What is the importance of festivals in life? India is a resident to many cultures. All of them have their different regional festivals.

These festivals have their own unique charm. During my childhood, I used to think about the importance of festivals in life. Why are they so important to us?


The importance of festivals in life is that they bring harmony and peace in the society. They are the biggest tools of unity. Leaving all personal grievances behind, people from different corners of the society unite in a festive mood and only think about overall well being. This is the time when societies forget about personal benefits and only concentrate on the purpose of celebration. The importance of festivals in life is that it helps us to be in touch with our roots. Each of these festivals is based on some mythological story, or a specific reason to rejoice the moment. Festivals in life bring happiness, fun and joy. To celebrate the special spiritual moment, people living in far countries assemble and unite with their families.

Festivals are no rituals. They are not any social customs. They are ways to remember the sacrifices, good things our ancestors have done for us and offer our holy prayer to God. Festivals like Holi represents the victory of good over evil. The importance of festivals in life is that they are the reason we’re still able to enjoy the colors of life . It bears the message of good will. Festivals can be social, religious and national. Festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm. Social festivals are for social harmony. Religious festivals are of mythological origin. Celebrations of national festivals aim at national unity.

The other importance of festivals in life is that it helps us forget our loss and temporarily get over the bitterness. The huge social gathering is really helpful for the refreshment of the soul and the mind. The festivals help us leave the unpleasant memories behind and make a fresh start. It makes us proud to be a citizen of the democratic country. The importance of festivals in life can’t be underrated given the reason that they help us unite, be positive and get involved with each other. With a better understanding of the importance of festivals in life, we should try to understand the spiritual significance of the celebrations.

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