Paragraph on The Influence of Religion on People – by Shanu

Rather than humanity, it was always religion that has been influencing the people.

The ancient systems have led to the birth of many religions- the Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Christian and many more. This led to the clashes between them before centuries ago and they are being continued till today.


The influence of religion has destroyed the people’s ability to think for the existence of humanity and the vision that no one was of a particular religion when he was born and that we are the descendants of the same ancestor.

The Present Scenario:

A Sanskrit quote says ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, meaning, the whole earth is a family. The religion of people has made them blind and believe in something else other than which is actually written in their holy religious books. May it be Bhagwad gita, may it be Quran or may it be Bible, each one of it emphasizes on service to humanity and ‘live and let live’ policy. People are misunderstanding the religion and that is giving rise to the division of people in India.

India is a democratic country with a wide diversity in the religions. At a place like this, religion plays a vital role and also contributes to the growth of the country. The influence of religion on people is so much, so more, that there riots and debate on Sai Baba, who is considered as the incarnation of God, is a Hindu or Muslim.

Sai Baba spent all his life in serving the humanity and teaching the people that all are equal irrespective of his/her caste, creed and religion. Ignoring his message, there are people who are interested in fighting over the issue of his religion. I must say that the mentality of man is getting poor day by day.

The Mob Mentality:


The influence of religion on people is so much that anyone can fool people of a particular religion by mere worshipping the deity of a that religion just once. True religion lies in the service to humanity. The mentality of man gets rigorous when he is in a mob. A mob of one religion is ready to destroy the other at the time of religious riots. We must understand that we must not flow with the current, but we should have a thinking of our own. We believe that anything said against a religion is a thing of great insult, but what we do in return with a feeling of revenge, is insult the humanity.


Although in a diverse country like India, it is very difficult to abolish religious differences on whole, but if each person starts thinking that he is a human first and then of a religion, then it can make some difference. Although the influence of religion on people has led to division among people, we must understand that the biggest and the true religion is the religion of humanity, for man was not born as a Hindu, Muslim or Christian, he was born as a human.

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