Paragraph on The Life of a Soldier – by Silki


The life of a soldier is very hard, yet well honoured. The pay scale is not very good in this profession.

Anyway, this is more about honour for a soldier and his family. It takes too much courage to leave a family behind and prepare for a battle at some corner of the country.


The life of a soldier is dedicated to his country. He serves his country without any terms and conditions. His personal well being and benefits are never prioritized before the security and safety of the country. The soldiers protect the country border and ensure security to residents. This is why; the life of a soldier should be invaluable to us.

Soldier’s Life is for others:

The life of a soldier always remains at risk. They may have to fight with the neighbouring country all of a sudden. There could be risk of death during the war. While talking about the wars, we all know that sometimes they can be really uncertain. So, if a war starts suddenly without any prior idea, the soldiers may have to be ready to tackle the war and sacrifice their life if needed. The life of a soldier is precious to its country. A soldier sacrifices his life to save the thousands more like us.

Soldier’s Responsibility:

The day a man joins the army, his battle for the safety of his own country begins. He is being trained to join the battlefield. The safety of the country lies in his hand. The patriotism and the abilities of a great soldier will determine the success of an army. The life of a soldier is extremely disciplined considering he has to be prepared the best way for the worst. By that we mean a solider always has to go through very hard training and also learn the strategic moves.

The life of a soldier is never easy. Apart from the risk of being killed in the battlefield, a soldier also has no way to be with his family at his will. He can’t be with his family as soon as it’s required, or he wants to. He has to stay far from his family for a very long time. He will be allowed to visit his family only when he will be granted a vacation. He has to be strong enough to control his emotions. The life of a soldier is highly restrictive.



In most of the cases, a soldier is expected to be ready to obey to the orders he receives from his superior. The life of a solider circle around his duties. He has to fight for his country and defend the country’s honour when required. He is being taught about his duties to the country and its residents. He is never supposed to harm the people or the society. By and large, the society and the whole country trust a soldier and honour his duties.

The life of a soldier goes through many obstacles and hard times, but in any cases, the soldier is expected not to give up to the difficulties. This is the reason, we, the civilians; get to live freely in a democratic country.

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