Paragraph on the Life of Mother Teresa – by Rajan

Life of Mother Teresa has always been an inspiration to those who love helping others.

She was born in Skopje village on 27th August, 1910. Her parents started calling her Agnes when she was born.



The most part of Mother Teresa’s life was spent in India. Along with three other siblings she was the youngest kid of Drane and Nikola Bojaxhiu. She established her First Holy Union when she was just five and half years old. This union was approved in 1916. She became more attached to the souls at the time when her First Communion got approved.

Early life:

Her father’s death took the entire Bojaxhiu family in shock. The whole family was going through financial troubles. Their father was a polite person who took good care of his children. He raised his children with the fullest attention that one father could do. But the sudden death of father made Mother Teresa upset. She connected herself in the spiritual topics.

Somehow she managed to take herself out from the sorrow of her father’s death. She decided to spread the thoughts of Jesus. She became a disciple and started scattering the love of caring Christ.

Life spent in India:

It was 6th January 1929 when she joined the training program in India. She got admission to the Institution of the Blessed Virgin Mary for accomplishing the training program. She became authorized priest after taking a vow on 24th May 1931.


Her house is still preserved in Calcutta. It is called as Nirmal Hriday. She adopted the Indian culture. She used to wear Bengali Saree. Even she espoused the Indian method of eating. She mastered in the Bengali language.

She spent much part of her life in Calcutta. She worked as a teacher in St. Mary’s High School. For almost 17 years, since 1931 to 1948, she taught catechism and geography to the students. She also became the principal of the same school.


The most important lesson given by Mother Teresa teaches us the way of praying God. According to her thoughts, when we help the ill and the contaminated, the aged and the sick; we get closer to the God.

She advised people to learn the habit of helping injured people. Diseased or ill people never speak about their mind but they truly want help from someone. We must help them out and go nearer to God.

Helping a needy person is same as spending many hours in a temple.

Now, she is no more among us; yet the direction given by her is being pursued by many of her followers. Her thoughts are inspirational for the students, children, adults, professionals, and the whole world.


Mother Teresa died on 5th September of 1997. She was rewarded with many precious awards such as Good Samaritan, Padmashree, prize for peace, etc. She is famous for her contributions, altruism and bravery, her aptitude for performing hard work and an innate flair for organization. Her name and work will stay alive till the end of this world.

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