Paragraph on the Magic of Science – by Silki


The biggest magic of science is human evolution. Life is one of the magical contributions of science.

Science has improved our life. Science believes proven facts. So, the chances of manipulation and deception remain the lowest.


Put simply, science invalidates the scope of deception. A person who understands science will not be easy to influence. The magic of science is that it makes human being logical and creative. Science can be used to improve the Earth well being. Like anything else, it also has some disadvantages. It’s on us whether we want to use science against our own well being or for the benefit of the world.

Magical Contributions of Science:

Science has created the air and the water. Water has been the source of life. Magic of science is in the fact that the nature has evolved in a way so that mankind can live within it. Science has created electricity. Although the earth had the sources of energy already, how they can be used to produce electricity and light, that science has made us understand. Science is the source of invention. We admire evolution, but we can’t have it without the help of the science.

The Bright Side of Science:

When science is used in the creative way, it becomes a reason for joy and celebration. Science has invented the solution for many diseases, which were not treatable in the past. It has made the human being strong and powerful. However, it’s true that concentrated power on the hand of very few humans is destroying the world now. The magic of science is precious. The way a human is born is actually a science. It’s a scientific process. The human body works based on biological science. Everything happens because of chemical reaction in the brain and the hormonal responses in the body.

We love the magic of science. considering it remains the answer for many critical problems. When experts don’t find answers to something, they explore the possible solutions with the help of science. Science explains the reason for a natural event. Science can also describe the human behaviour, thoughts and reactions in a rational way. Science is everywhere. The magic of science is well understood from the fact that the development of civilization wouldn’t have been possible without its help. Science is a gift. But sadly, the greedy human beings often make it a curse. Science can make our life better. We just need to identify the bright side of it.



Many severe natural calamities can be predicted in advance, which is again another magic of science. Science is a tool that can be used to minimize the loss from a predicted incident. Experts calculate the severity of an incident with the help of the scientific tool and warn people in advance to minimize loss of life. Satellites are the overwhelming magic of science. With their help, experts determine the upcoming threats and warn the people through weather forecasts. For example, fishermen listen to weather predictions to get idea about the upcoming sea storms. It helps them reduce the risk of life. Many human lives could not be saved without the magic of science.

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