Paragraph on the Road Accident I Witnessed – by Shanu

A moment never to forget in my life:

Our life is similar to a rise in a stream, in the same way as the dew it falls in night and vanishes in the morning.


Like sound, it travels every which very away. Who knows what is in store for us? Who knows what is going to happen the following minute?

I can always remember 17 August. It was a day when I saw a street mishap between a transport and a truck. It filled me with incredible awfulness and I stayed agitated for a long time. I saw passing near life.

The Gate of the Wizards:

I was heading off to my town with my father by transport. Our driver was exceptionally barbarous. He gave off an impression of being in some undue rush. The youngsters felt excited. Indeed, I was energized. However, the matured persons felt frightened at the high velocity of the transport. They asked the driver to back off the velocity. Notwithstanding, he did not give careful consideration. He continued driving in his own particular way.


Meanwhile, it so happened that an alternate transport attempted to surpass our transport. Our driver took it as a test a long ways behind. God knows why individuals take chance in such circumstances. None of the drivers was prepared to bargain.

Subsequently, both the transports started to run parallel out. All the travellers were truly frightened in light of the fact that it such was exceptionally dangerous. Before long, a truck originated from the inverse side. The drivers of the transports may have attempted to apply breaks now. On the other hand, it was past the point of no return and inside seconds, we saw a head-on crash between the overwhelming transport and the truck. The driver of our transport ceased.

Dreamer of Dying:

We all raced to the spot. It was an intense mishap. Numerous travellers including the drivers of both the vehicles died on the spot. Numerous travellers were groaning and moaning in ache.

There was a woman who was yelling because the mishap took the lives of her spouse and child. It was truly an extremely terrible scene. I had never seen such a sad sight in my life. I had ended up confused. Nevertheless, it was not a minute to stand and watch the scene. I went to a close-by corner and telephoned the police about the mischance.

Before long, the police arrived at the spot with a group of specialists. The harmed were put into the rescue van and taken to a close-by healing facility. The dead sent for post-mortem. The individuals who had minor wounds were given emergency treatment.

The No Healing:

Most frightful was the scene of catastrophe. Mishaps are constantly horrendous in light of the fact that they prompt wounds, death toll and property. Without a moment’s hesitation, an individual loses everything. Like the woman whose delightful dream was broken in seconds with the passing of his spouse and child. I feel tormented when I remember the scene. The drivers must be accommodating. They must take after the movement guidelines to maintain a strategic distance from such mishaps.

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