Paragraph on Thing that I will do if I were the President – by Shanu

If I were the president I would strive to achieve these three real things.

To start with, I would fortify our instructive framework, second, I would make sure that everybody has equivalent and reasonable treatment in our general public, and finally, I would secure our outskirts.


My desires: My dreams as President

Our training framework in America is not one in which we ought to be exceptionally glad for. Yes, America has brilliant schools, universities, and learning organizations, however our benchmarks are not situated as high as different nations. Case in point, our nation does not support our schools satisfactorily.

Instructors educate with insufficient books, no supplies, or books that are frequently in excess of 20 years of age. By what means would we be able to anticipate that our kids will be up and coming with the planets data if our showing materials are not new? Frequently educators in our state funded schools are compelled to purchase course readings and supplies for our kids with their individual cash.

Why do they do this? Since, they have confidence in a decent training for all learners. Our nation “prides” itself on the nature of training an individual can get here, yet instructors are one of the nation’s most reduced paid experts. On the off chance that I was president, I would likewise verify that everybody in this nation was dealt with equivalent and reasonable.


The thirteenth Amendment to the constitution did cancel servitude, and the fourteenth Amendment was gone to counter the dark codes, yet in all actuality, segregation still happens in every viewpoint today in America. Separation is not only a dark and white issue, it additionally need to do with age, sexual orientation, equivalent lodging, religion, national inception, and credit, to name a couple

One thing I will unquestionably do:

If I become the president, one change that I will bring is that medications would be illicit. At the same time not the kind that help you, for example, drug. In the event that you or anybody saw somebody doing it, tell the police or somebody you trust. The medications are awful for are bodies and lungs. They do have unbearable smells as well. It will have not any kind of effect for everybody. It will be great help towards the step to stop the drug abuse in the society.

What must be Ultimate goal?

Many children begin smoking at an early age either on the grounds that their guardians smoke or on the grounds that they think it is cool. What most children don’t understand is that smoking is exceedingly addictive and will inevitably prompt malignancy, tooth misfortune, other wellbeing issues, and even passing. Numerous urban communities and states have made No Smoking Policies to ensure laborers and people in general from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

As president, I would venture to every part of the nation and look for budgetary backing for my system. I would additionally give addresses in neighborhood group focuses keeping in mind the end goal to get my message out to all children who may be influenced. This will be my utmost priority if I become the president.

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