Paragraph on True Leaders – by Silki


A great man once quoted “A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”


A true leader is one who personifies this quotation in its true sense. A true leader not only reflects the quality of being a leader but also personifies tremendous character, grit and sense of oneness. True leaders can rarely be found in India nowadays. We common man blindly follow the path shown by our leaders. But sadly, now these leaders are causing numerous irreparable damage to our country. To be very specific, true leaders should think of empowerment or development of the country.

On the other hand, our current leaders actually think about personal profits and misuse of the power given. This is the reality of our leaders at present. However, we have been lucky enough to witness the emergence of a true leader in the country. Our current and new Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi is the biggest example of that.

Contributions of True Leaders:

For true leaders, the overall development of the country is more important than their personal interests. They never think about misusing their power to suppress a good cause, or manipulate a fair judgement. Each and every decision of the true leaders are meant for the overall improvement of the country and the society. As the development of the country is dependent on the alignment of policies and the intention of the ruler, only the best actions and decisions taken by the true leaders can ensure an overwhelming progress. The role of the true leaders is to certify the safety, security, progress, peace and coherence of the country.


Evolution of a True Leader:

In our country, politicians are idolised as leaders. So, one thinks that by being a politician, one can become a leader. However, they fail to understand that leadership is a quality and not a designation. However, politicians of our country have drastically changed the concept of leadership as they have only aspired to garner more and more power in the disguise of being a leader and have ultimately spelled doom for the country by being corrupt in pursuit of such unbridled power. They are never true leaders as their intention is not to be an exemplary icon for the people of the country but just to garner fame and power.

To get rid of the injustice, corruption, economic decline and crime, the evolution of a true leader was necessary. Thankfully, Mr. Narender Modi has come out as an exemplary leader and has been deservedly chosen as the Prime Minister of our country. He has steadily brought about many changes in the system in a very short period. He is slowly and steadily revamping India for a shining and better future. His arrival has also been a harbinger of real power of democracy. He embodies all the characters of a true leader and is demonstrating it in the best possible and auspicious way.


True leaders are the real backbone of the country. They fight for the common interest. They dream to make a country a power hub for talent. They encourage education for all, as literacy can drive away the darkness of ignorance, increase self sufficiency and develop talent. With the help of a true leader like Mr. Narender Modi, we see a great future ahead.

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