Paragraph on Visit to a Cinema Hall – by Anand


A Cinema hall is a place where movies are screened on huge screens for a mass of public in an enclosed space called the theatre.

A cinema hall attracts crowds from all classes of the society and also from every walk of life.


Young and old, rich and poor, everyone visits the cinema hall once in a while to watch their favourite movies on big screen and cheer for their favourite actor or actress.

Scene at the Cinema Hall:

Last summer, I had a chance to visit the cinema hall with my parents to watch the screening of a famous comedy movie. The cinema hall was located in the heart of the city and was always bustling with people. We went for the evening show which is when the crowd is at its peak. My father went over to the ticket counter to get three tickets. It took him almost an hour before he could get the tickets and fortunately, we were the last ones to receive the ticket.

The counter closed soon after. We waited till the entry doors opened. The cinema hall was a huge structure housing three big screens, a couple of restaurants for the public, a few shops and a small playground for the children.

Screening of the Movie:

After waiting for at least thirty minutes in the scorching heat, the entry doors were finally opened by the guards. Everyone standing outside was anxious to get in after the long wait. The ticket checker thoroughly went through everyone’s ticket and directed each one to their own seats. It was very dark on the inside and hence the ticket checker used the torch light to show us our seats.


We were finally seated. The air-conditioning inside the cinema hall was very well maintained. The screen appeared huge and the sound of the advertisements playing before the movie was very loud. Being used to different sorts of conditions at home, it was all very amusing for me. After a brief ten minutes of sitting, the movie began. My father had got popcorn and cold drinks for all the three of us.

The movie was hilarious and the audience burst out with bouts of laughter. There was occasional hooting and whistling at a few scenes which my father did not particularly enjoy. There was a ten minute interval between the two halves of the movie when I had to rush to the washroom because of the amount of drinks I had sipped in the first half.

The Post-Movie Lunch:

The movie ran for almost a couple of hours before it finally ended. It was worth our money. I was excited to watch my favourite actor on the big screen for the first time. After the movie, we went to the nearby restaurant to have lunch. The lunch was fulfilling and satisfactory. We then made our way back home after a joyful day at the cinema hall.


The visit to the cinema hall was a great experience for me. I was amused by the big screen and the loud sounds. It was a day wonderfully spent. I plan to visit the cinema hall again.

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