Paragraph on Water Pollution – By Jenny


Water is an essential factor for us to sustain a healthy life. Water makes up to majority of our body mass and is very important to keep us healthy and maintain our vital organs in good condition.

However, though various studies have been conducted, and strategies implemented, the drinking water supply still remains to be adequate in India.


A study in 2007 from the Asian Development bank reports that in almost no major cities in India receive clean water for more than a few hours a day, which is really alarming!!!

Some Causes of Pollution in Drinking Water:

There are numerous problems related to drinking water. There are plenty number of water borne disease that gets spread every year to millions and sometime it could be fatal too. It is estimated that in India alone, around 37.7 million people are affected with waterborne diseases every year. Water gets contaminated through many ways. With rusted pipes, pollutants from industries are being disposed to water bodies, which is then directly or indirectly being used for bathing, washing and such many activities , which again adds contamination to drinking water in very high levels. .

E.coli in large, is one major bacteria that is found in highly contaminated water. Another organism that is found is the Salmonella Typhi that causes Typhoid. These organisms when in large numbers could even cause an outbreak of typhoid, dysentery and vomiting that may even cause lives.


Water contamination should be brought down drastically. Since man cannot live without water, it is the responsibility of every individual to make sure that water is saved and at the same time not contaminated. Many measures have been taken by the Government to keep water well treated and many treatment plants are also introduced, that could help in treating water and making it safe for drinking.


Do not use water from areas where there is no flow of water and where water is stagnant. People could treat water with chlorine in areas like wells and ponds, which helps to kills the organisms in water. The best way to make sure that you drink pure water is to boil it. When boiling, you kill almost all the organisms present therein and make sure that you store these boiled water in hygiene conditions.


Water is vital for man and so is its purity. We need water to sustain at the same time, if the water that we have is contaminated, the question of sustaining arises. So make sure that you drink boiled and clean water that is free from organisms and maintain a healthy life by drinking adequate amount of safe water.

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