Paragraph on We Must Keep Our Promises- by Anand


Promise is a commitment made by one person to another person to do something on a particular future date.

It is usually made between two close people who may or may not be related. At times, the person who makes a promise might not know the value of the promise.


This leads to a situation where the person may or may not fulfil the same. However, promises are never to be broken. Promises should not be broken because another person is dependent on the same. Thus, each one of us must keep our promises.

What Are Promises?

The prerequisite to any promise is trust. One must have a certain belief that the person, who he is making a promise with, will keep it. There are many kinds of promises like a promise to keep a secret, promise to go to the movies, promise to visit a party, promise to wear a particular cloth, promise to take care of the other person’s dog etc. a person who keeps a promise is trustworthy. People will depend on that person.

Importance of Promises:

Promises carry with them tremendous importance. They make other people depend on them. Fulfilment of a promise ensures that there is a strong bond which has been created between the two people on basis of that promise. Promises also ensure that two people come close to each other. The values of trust, faith, and honesty are tested by the strength to keep promises. Promises also signify the ability of a person. If a person is making a promise, it means that he has the ability to perform the same.

An Event from My Life:

I learnt the value of keeping a promise from a particular incident which happened in my life during my school. I had a friend who was very close to me. He and I were inseparable. We always sat together in the class, played together in the field and also had our lunches together. On a certain date, while playing, he had accidentally urinated in his pants.


As I was the only one with him, I saw it. He promised me to not tell anyone else about the same. I promised him the same after which he went to change his pants. I did not realize the importance of the promise I made to him and while he was away, I went to the classroom and told everyone about it in a state of fun and laughter.

When he entered the classroom everyone started laughing and booing at him. He was so humiliated that he ran out of the classroom and stood in the corner of the corridor and cried his eyes out. I felt guilty and bad regarding what I had done. I went and asked for apology and told him that I wouldn’t ever break a promise again and he forgave me.


Thus, I leant the value of keeping a promise by means of a lesson in school. It is of utmost importance that promises remain intact because they have emotions and feelings of the other person attached to them. Breaking a promise implies shattering a person. Thus, promises should never be broken.

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