The Housing Problem in a Modern City – by Shanu

With the craze for a city life and mainly for the employment and education, people from the rural parts of the country migrate to the cities, which has led to the housing problem in a modern city.

The prices of the lands are shooting up the skies and that has given rise to the discontent among the originals residents of the particular city.


People have brought in the new trend of investing in land rather than gold. Dharavi in Mumbai, which is considered as the largest slum in Asia, has its slums for sale at Rupees 300,000 each. Such is the condition of the housing in modern city.

The Myth:

The greatest myth regarding the modern cities is, you will get employment as soon as you enter the city. Due to this, the cities and metropolitan areas witness lakhs of migrants from the rural areas. This is not the actual condition because to get employment in the cities is a big issue. Due the increasing number of migrants, the population density, i.e., number of people per square kilometre has increased. As a result, the cost of the land per square feet has also increased leading to the housing problem in cities.

The Current Situation:


People are unable to afford buying a house and that has led to an increase in the number of houses on rents. For one room kitchen, the rent that is paid in modern city is approximately Rs. 8,000 per month with a Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 deposit. People are seen spending their lives on footpath, railway stations, waiting rooms, etc. The land under the government is preserved but the land that has private owners is nowadays is being used for the construction of multiplexes, malls, etc.

So, there is actually no space for construction and unavailability of the furnished flats at the heart of the city and it has become a major issue and the cause of worry for a common man. When a person has his own house, his safety is assured. One of the basic needs of shelter is satisfied. But, due to the daily rising land rates, the common is unable to satisfy his need for shelter.

The Migration and Investments on the Outskirts:

The hiking prices of the houses in the city, has led to the migration of the original residents to the outskirts of the city. The outskirts of cities like Pune and Mumbai are not yet reached by many, so investments are being done by many at such places as the rates of the houses here are moderate. This problem has also led the people to transfer their jobs and this in turn has led to a vast change in the lifestyle of the residents of the city. The cost of living has become so high that all the money people earn, is spent without any margin for savings.


The housing problem is a big issue and thus to bring it under control, the development of the rural areas is must.

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