Value of Gandhism towards Modern Age

Gandhism has its own importance. It has been a great ideology of modern age.

It can guide us to solve the political and social problems of our society on the basis of the traditional principles of our culture and social life. It follows a spiritual and moral view of social life.


Further, promotion of faith in non-violence is needed most for checking growing recourse to terrorism and militancy. Gandhism can indeed provide answer to many of our contemporary problems. It presents the best arguments against the evils of inequality, untouchability, narrow nationalism and oppressive state. It incorporates the modern idea of Civil Society. It solidly supports a true philosophy of social welfarism. No one can ignore the Gandhian view of education and environmental protection.

Mahatma Gandhi never advocated Gandhism as an ism or ideology. He practised his ideas as a way of life. He very ably and successfully led our freedom struggle on the basis of the principles of Non-violence and Satyagraha. He could successfully guide our march from slavery to independence.

Partition pained him, communalism wounded him and violence killed Gandhiji. However, his vision and ideas still live with us, and these can provide answer to most of the evils which afflict our society. Its advocacy of basic education, self-employment, dignity of labour, end of all forms of exploitation and violence, maintenance of environmental health and self-sufficiency for our villages, can be accepted as the means for establishing a healthy and free society characterised by the welfare of all and exploitation of none.

His observation: “Mother earth can satisfy all our need but not greed”, can really serve as the philosophical foundation for practising and realising the ideal of making our environment healthy and enduringly sustainable. Now the world community has decided to observed Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, 2nd October, as World Non-violence Day. It is indeed a great tribute to GANDHIJI and the GANDHIAN WAY OF LIFE.

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