Short Paragraph on Kalighat

Here is your short paragraph on Kalighat:

British artist William Simpson wrote in 1859 that Calcutta derives its name from Kali Ghat, a sacred temple on the river Hoogly.


The present temple is not the original shrine and was completed in 1809 that reflects traditional Bengali architecture and is of the athachala or eight-roofed variety.

One of the principal reasons for the Popularity of the shrine was the improvement in the city’s road system. A wide road skirting the Maidan and known as the “Road to Kalighat” where the pilgrims alighted to go was in existence by 1742. Indeed it was because of the city’s growth that she had to move around during the first few decades before setting down at Kalighat.

The selection of a site for the new fort, the clearance of the tiger-infested jungles for the Maidan and the expansion of settlements in the Bhawanipur and Alipore areas, made the shrine easily accessible to the ordinary pilgrim. By the early nineteenth century, Kalighat had become the most famous religious establishment not only in Calcutta but in the whole of Bengal.

The image of Kali at the shrine is not complete, and the half—figure one sees is really a square shaped block of undressed stone to which are attacked a head of black busalt and four arms of gold there are no legs and no prostrate Shiva at the feet of the goddess.

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