Paragraph on India’s Inland Drainage System

Here is your short paragraph on India’s Inland Drainage:

Some rivers of India are not able to reach the sea and constitute inland drainage. Large parts of the Rajasthan desert and parts of Aksai Chin in Ladakh have inland drainage.


The Ghaggar is the most important river of inland drainage. It is a seasonal stream which rises on the lower slopes of the Himalayas and forms boundary between Haryana and Punjab.

It gets lost in the dry sands of Rajasthan near Hanumangarh after traversing a distance of 465 km. Earlier this river was an affluent of the Indus, the dry bed of the old channel is still traceable. Its main tributaries are the Tangri, the Markanda the Saraswati and the Chaitanya.

It contains a lot more water in rainy season when its bed becomes 10 km wide at places. Most of the streams draining western slopes of the Aravalli Range dry up immediately after they enter the sandy arid areas to the west of this range.

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