Paragraph on Experience of Overcoming a Fear- by Shanu


I am the brightest student of my school but I lack in only one thing, i.e. presentation. I have so many views in my mind but, what I fear is presenting them in front of all.


I tried to overcome this fear many times but, even took part in debates and speeches but, I feared to speak in front of so many eyes watching me.

Usually, students of my age have dreams about what they will become when they grow up. Some of my friends wish to become a teacher, some actor, some singer, some dancer and some politician. But there was something which was common in every profession, presentation and confronting so many people. Whether it is about giving a political speech on the stage or about giving lecture to students or about singing in front of hundreds of people, everything is about facing the audience. The fear can be very challenging at times.

Causes of my fear:

This fear has come into me not just like that. I still remember the day when my friends gave up my name for a debate competition without even asking me. I was sitting in the audience and suddenly my name was called out from the stage. I was shocked to hear my name as one of the speakers in the debate. All top of that, the topic was based on political violence about which I had no idea. But, even after thinking and resisting so much, I have to step on the stage and I got blank. I couldn’t speak a word, not even gave my introduction. I could see the audience laugh at me and crowd making different statements about me. From that day I could not find a way of the overcoming my fear.


How I used to overcome of the fear?

I knew that my family cannot do anything in overcoming this fear. But, one day an incident changed my life. One of my friends was badly beaten by the teacher of our class for no reason. He was even admitted to the hospital and the school authorities didn’t take any action against the teacher. I tried to talk to my friend’s parents but, they couldn’t help it and my friend was suspended from the school. The same evening I saw a program on the TV where everyone was talking about the power of media. The next day I reached to a news channel and told them the whole story. My story and my interview were conducted live on the TV and fortunately, the school authorities accepted their mistake and my friend was taken back in the school.

They day I realized that the experience of overcoming a fear was very brave for me and since then, I am the first person to face the audience in every activity in my school.


There is a solution to every problem. You just need some encouragements and inspiration to overcome your fears. We all have the caliber to overcoming our fears.

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