Paragraph on Morning walk at the Riverbank- by Shanu

Why a morning walk in invigorating:

When you are going through days when you feel stressed out and uncomfortable for any reason. It is always good to take a walk.


I know it is one of the most tiring and not fun things to do, but then the amount of pleasure that you get when you take a walk.

It is not necessary that you have to talk walk alone; you can go on a walk with you parents or a friend or anybody else. You should defiantly take a morning walk at the riverbank once in your life.

The Unwilling Gift:

It is also important that you go out to a place that makes you happy and content. One of the incidents that I remember of going for a walk was once when my best friend and I were staying together. My friend and I we woke up early in the morning, and I told my best friend that let us go out for a morning walk. We went out in our track pants and tee. We took our I-Pods and went out for a walk. Until we reached a certain distance, we did not talk to each other. However, as we came close to the river we shut off our I-pods and started walking slowly.


The sound of water flowing made us glad, we made sure that we would enjoy every single second that was send next to the river bank was awesome and worth it. We started walking in that particular area for a while. We were happy from within, the cold air coming across the river made us happy. The smell of fresh air was easing us. Thanks to the temperature, we were not feeling that hot.

The sun was completely not out yet, and the sun was about to come out completely. The sky was looking beautiful. The color of the sky was making the river water looking this beautiful. It was one of the best morning walks.

The Deep Dream:

My friend and me decided to sit somewhere for a while, and we made it a point that we be there to look at the sunrise. It was one of the most beautiful things that we had seen, and it was so pretty. We saw the birds flying around, and it was nice to see the birds coming out of their nests. We were happy, and that moment was just perfect. Everything looked right; we felt that world is a better place.

We thanked GOD for proving us with all the natural beauty. This morning walk made us feel glad and happy about ourselves. One of the most amazing things of taking this walk was that I took it with my best friend. It is completely different thing to enjoy something like this alone and experiencing it with one of your best friend. It was important that once in life you experience something like this in your life.

The culmination of the experience:

Everything happens for a reason and this morning walk was meant to happen. We usually are not early risers, but that day we both woke up very early. It was destiny. It was meant to happen. It was one of the most memorable morning walks that I ever had.

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