Paragraph on the Days of Preparation for Exam – By Silki


Although the days of preparation for exam were strenuous and monotonous, it had its own charm somehow.

All friends used to sit together, stay awake throughout the night and prepare the lessons. Those moments were full of unexplainable excitements.


Some of the friends used to act strange and pretend not being prepared. My mother always used to run behind me to see if I was not wasting any time. For me, the days of preparation for exam were always painful. I was not allowed to spend fun time with my friends or enjoy outdoor games for longer.

Daunting Days before Exams:

The days of preparation for exam used to make me highly cautious. I think this is the most daunting moments for any students. Sometimes parents make it worse. Students get paranoid about the exam and suffer nervous breakdown. I think no students should be put into such situations. I used to hate the days of preparation for exam because the whole situation used to make me think that I was being trained for a war. Any adult I used to come across was supposed to ask me about my exam preparations. I had to literally avoid some of my relatives to avoid the annoying questions.

Exam Preparations:

Students usually prefer group studies during the days of preparation for exam. For me, being with my friends at that moment was kind of relaxing. We used to make jokes on each other, which actually helped us stay away from the exam stress. My friends used to reduce my tensions and relax me with their funny talks. I could talk to them for hours regarding the exam stress, which was not possible for me to share with my parents. I used to think my parents would not take it lightly.

Fierce competition has made the exam stress worse nowadays. After I left school, there was also exam stress in the college. I couldn’t ignore it. I used to call some of my friends in our house to do the last moment exam preparation together. They used to motivate me and do a really good preparation. I could find out where I was going wrong, which chapters to study more and how to use the time productively. I could also give them tips which were very beneficial to me. I could feel relaxed about the fact that at least my friends were also going through the same situation and could understand my tension.



The days of preparation for exam are vital. But, we are not supposed to make it strenuous. I’ve suffered those days and don’t want my kids to go through the same. We must make the moments more bearable for the children. They should not be scared, but encouraged about the exam. They should feel motivated and definitely not stressed.

Our parents didn’t have a cordial relationship with us. So they could not make those moments easier for us. But, the modern age parents should take a different approach. Parents can make their child feel relaxed about the days of preparation for exam so that they can give their best without going into a nervous breakdown.

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