Short Paragraph on My Last Day at School (533 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my last day at school:

Tears rolls down my cheeks the moment I remember my last day at school. It was a moment of painful parting. That day was my last chapter of the most glorious book of my life as a student.


I spent 10 years as a student in my school. It was an unforgettable golden period for me. It passed away like a happiest dream. I still remember that day; it was 14th February, 1995. I and my fellow mates had a feeling of mixed joy & sorrow.

All of us were happy as we were going to get rid of the strict disciplinary life of school.

We were sad & unhappy because we were going to part from our friends and lovable teachers. We were given holidays to study and prepare for our coming board examinations. We did not have any lectures. Still teachers come as usual to the classes. Teachers were focusing over revising the papers.

They said that it is easier to impress the examiner with few correctly written words than filling pages full of errors. They advised us to not to get panic but face the exams with courage. Our principal also arranged sessions to discuss our difficulties with the teachers.


The 11th class students had organized a farewell party for us on our departure. We all were in a sad mood as it was a day to say good bye. We gathered in our assembly hall. We were welcomed with flowers. Our juniors served us tea & chocolates.

The students prepared lots of activities to make that day special for us. They sung songs, danced, prayed and prepared speech to show their gratitude towards us. At the end of the program the class teacher addressed us with a song which is very touching and filled our eyes with tears.

Throughout the year we took efforts to make our school popular & our hard work was appreciated by our teachers. Our teachers and juniors prayed for our success in the coming board exams and the future life.

Those words of wisdom and prayers are still ringing in my ears. On that occasion I prepared a speech to thank my juniors, teachers, fellow mates and Principal for their love and support. But I did not go to the stage to read it because it was a very painful moment for me and I was not able to speak at all. I filed to help my shedding tears.

After the program was over we took pictures with our teachers and Principal. My throat was totally choked up to utter a single word to thank and bid good bye to all those who made my school life meaningful.

I stepped into my class room which seemed to beckon to me. Somehow I managed to console myself saying that life goes on and memories do stay forever. That day I promised with myself that I will pay my debt to my school and teachers by scoring good grades in my Board Examinations & I would not allow the efforts my teachers go in vein. I can never ever forget that last day at school.

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