Short Paragraph on My Result Day Experience (387 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my result day experience:

Getting to know your results is always a nightmare, no matter how well you write your exams. After the exams, we are all happy and enjoy the break, but as the break gets over, nightmares again come in.


As usual, we get to know our exam results as soon as the school re-opens. On the first day, teachers would be kind enough not to spoil the day.

Then from the second day, the entire class would be on pressure as to which teacher would bring in which test results.

Butterflies would be running inside your stomach, as the teacher walks in with the answer sheets. She then slowly starts calling out names as per the roll numbers and each one would go and collect their answer sheets.

Some would be returning back with happy faces, while others with sad faces, some with a doubtful face and some very content. Well for me it is in between, I sometimes come back happy, sometimes not that happy as I would have expected more and may not have received marks up to the expectation.


Then we have discussions and try finding out what went wrong where. By the time we sink to this one paper, the class period would be over and the next teacher walks in with the next answer sheet. The butterflies all start to run again and then everybody is all tensed once again.

Though the procedure is the same through the years, it still makes us all get tensed and have a weird kind of feeling, when we get to know the results of the examinations are being announced. The anxiety, the pressure, the curiosity all dwells up and it is a kind of testing minutes, those few minutes where the results get announced.

Though we face it year on year, the experience and feelings would never change. The anxiety of who is the topper, where do we stand, how much have we lost all these thoughts makes us bite our nails and run around till we get the answers to these questions.

The experience on the day when the results are being announced is still a nightmare and I would be happy if the trauma gets over as soon as possible with good end results.

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