Short Paragraph on My School (422 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my school:

All of us have been to schools and we all like our schools. I would like to tell a few things about my school and why I like it the best.


I study at the Kendriya Vidyalaya School. It is linked with the Central government and, in every part of the country we have this school.

This makes it easy for government officials to get admissions for their children when they get transferred across the country and does not interrupt the studies of students. My school begins by 8.00 am. We have the assembly in the morning, where all the students assemble in the auditorium. After the morning prayers, news and activities, we close the assembly for the day with the National anthem and disperse to our respective classrooms.

We begin our classes for the day. Each period is for about 35 minutes and we have about 2-3 breaks. Our teachers are all very nice and teach us well with the subjects that they teach. During the break time, we play around and take rest.

Apart from the regular classes, we also have other activities in the school like games which includes basketball, football, volley ball and many more. During some days we play our choice of games during these periods. We also have the arts and craft periods where craft and art works are being taught. It is real fun during these periods, as we learn so much of creative things with great fun.


We also have cultural activities conducted in the school. For every festival we would be having competitions based on the theme and there are mainly four houses or group that the school has. These cultural activities takes place with lots of fun and excitement and almost all students participate and compete well to be the champions.

We have the annual day and sports day, where lots of cultural items would be played and parents would be invited on these two days. We have a great array of games and great athletes in schools who show their talents and compete in different games for sports day.

Our school gives great values not only for academics, but also for every other aspect of life and makes us into a more responsible and creative thinker. I love my school very much and would love to be there. I would definitely miss my school days once I leave this great institution, which has made me what I am for today and for tomorrow.

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