Short Paragraph on My Weakness (370 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Weakness !

Every person has their own strength and weakness. When there is a perfect balance of both only, we become a unique person.


Sometimes the strengths would be greater than the weakness and sometimes the other way round. No matter what we all have our own share of weakness and yes that is our side of weakness.

When it comes to weakness, I would say I have it more towards fast foods. My mom always scolds me stating that fast food is not good for health. She prepares lovely food at home, yet when I get a chance I would jump upon any kind of fast food that I could lay my hands upon.

The McDonalds and Kentucky are my favorites and I would go to any extend to get a bite of them. My mom has tried and still tries many ways to get me out of this, but I just cannot come of it.

French fries are just too good to keep my hands away from them and with the other stuffs, the smell just makes me crave for more. Dieting would not help me, nor would any other kind of exercises, as I have already tried them. Just for the sake of doing it I would do, but would not put my whole self for the diet.


My mom has tried several ways to get me out of this habit, but still, even now when we happen to go out, fast foods are my weakness and I somehow get my dad convinced to get something from out.

Earlier we used to have food from out once in a while, but since I have been too much addicted to it, Mom has completely cut it down and she sticks to homely food only. Even if I tell her we would have something for a change, she would prepare really delicious food at home, so that I do not have the fast food that is available outside.

No matter what, however tastily my Mom makes, I still have a weakness to what we get on the streets and would like to have a bite of my favorite burger from out.

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