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Paragraph on City Life Vs. Village Life – by Rajan Karle

Introduction: There is a mixed thought on City Life vs. Village Life. People usually consider a huge disparity between life in a village and life in a city. However, there are few points that differentiate a city life from a village life. Key Differences: People who live in a village have different dressing style, profession, […]

Paragraphs on Forget the past – March towards the Future

Forget the past – march towards the future. This you must do if you want to make yours and your loved one’s future better. Will it be possible to make a better future if we’re stuck in our past? No, it won’t be possible. Life is a continuous journey. There will always be something to […]

Short Paragraph on City Life

City life – is it better? Or you think your life would have been little different if you were residing in a suburb area. If you ask me, I vote for city life. I’m not quite made for a slow village life. I feel quite attracted to a city life considering the educational and many […]

Paragraph on the Most Interesting Journey of My Life

Here is your paragraph on the Most Interesting Journey of My Life ! Why should I call a part of my life the most interesting journey of my life? Because that phase of my life has been the reason for my overall transformation and personal evolution. Life has so much to teach us. Some of […]

Paragraph on the Memorable Day of My School Life

Paragraph on the Memorable Day of My School Life! It’ll be unfair to pick a single day as a memorable day of my school life. Most of the school life moments were precious. Anyway, if I have to choose one, I would say it’s the day when I was elected class monitor for the first […]

The Importance of Vision in Life | Paragraph

Paragraph on The Importance of Vision in Life! What is the importance of vision in life? Why it’s important to think and see the future clearly? Why we’ve to be so perfect in terms of deciding our dream of life. Knowledge gurus say great visionaries are highly successful people. Visions are life aims that we […]

The Worst Day of my Life (338 Words)| Paragraph

The worst Day of my Life! The worst day of my life would be the day when I had to talk to my father regarding my career plans. I’m not so close to him. Because of that, I had to think tons of times that whether or not it would be right to talk about […]

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