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Paragraph for Kids on Water (427 Words)

A vast amount of water is found on the earth, which is why it is also called ‘Water Planet’. However, due to its uneven distribution, all the living organisms on earth are not able to get water resources in equal proportion. Out of a total quantity of 1.5 billion cubic km in nature, only 12,500 […]

Paragraphs on Water Crises

Water crisis is continuously increasing in the world for many reasons. One reason is that due to deforestation, rain has disconnected itself from soil leading to water scarcity. Scientists of the world however consider undesirable changes in climate as the reason for the water crisis. There is a total of 140 crore cubic metres water […]

Paragraphs on Water Crisis in India

Assessment of water crisis is made on the basis of per capita per year availability of water. If per capita per year availability of water in a country is less than 1,000 cubic meters per year, such areas are considered to be suffering from water crisis. At present, about 26 countries where more than 24 […]

Short Paragraph on Sources of Water

Sources of water should be carefully preserved considering the fact that water is an extremely important element without which we can’t survive. Apart from the humans, animals and plants also need fresh water to live. In India, what are the common sources of water that people prefer for the daily use? In any country, rivers, […]

An Useful Paragraph on Water (268 Words)

An Useful Paragraph on Water! Water is the most essential commodity for all living beings for their survival. Human beings, animals, aquaculture, wildlife, birds, insects & flies, trees, plants, crops, microorganisms and the like consume large quantities of water for their growth and other needs. It is said that even the human body is full […]

Short Paragraph on Water Quality Monitoring in India

Here is your short paragraph on water quality monitoring in India! Water quality monitoring is defined by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) as: “the programmed process of sampling, measurement and subsequent recording or signalling or both, of various water characteristics, often with the aim of assessing conformity to specific objectives.” Water quality monitoring is […]

Paragraph on India’s Inland Drainage System

Here is your short paragraph on India’s Inland Drainage: Some rivers of India are not able to reach the sea and constitute inland drainage. Large parts of the Rajasthan desert and parts of Aksai Chin in Ladakh have inland drainage. The Ghaggar is the most important river of inland drainage. It is a seasonal stream […]

Paragraph on Water (365 Words)

Read this short paragraph on water ! Of all the natural resources given to us by nature, water is one of the most essential one. We need water for drinking, cooking, irrigation, and transport among other important purposes that support our daily life. The evolvement of life on earth required water, without which life on […]

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