Short Paragraph for Kids on My Teacher (352 Words)

Here is your short paragraph for kids on my teacher!

Next to parents, teachers play a very important role in the lives of kids. They are the first source from where children learn the basic lessons in life and thereafter too.


Teachers need to be a great friend, guide and a wonderful mentor in getting the best out of their children.

Just like anybody else, I too have a teacher that I love the most. She teaches me science and her name is Priya. When she comes to the class in the morning, she always wishes us and makes the class very pleasant and lively.

Each lesson that she teaches, she makes sure that all of us understand and have no doubts. In case there is any doubt, she would spend extra time with that student and make it clear, so that the student would understand. She explains very well the process and draws pictures and explains so that we understand better. She does not get angry easily and she takes the patience to make sure that every student in the class understands what she teaches.

Apart from teaching, she is also our good friend. Whenever we have a problem, we could go directly to het and talk to her our problem. She would find a solution and help us out from the problem. She would find time for every student and takes good care of us.


We all like her very much and enjoy her class very much. She is a good example of how a teacher should be. A friend, a guide, a mentor and a good teacher in all aspects.Very few teachers are like her these days. More than just coming and teaching and scolding and dumping with home works, Priya mam spends more time in quality teaching for the betterment of her students.

She prepares notes for us , so that gets easier for us to learn and would spend more time with us , helping us learn better and make us get better marks in all the examinations by making subjects more easier and simpler to learn.

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