Short Paragraph on my Favorite Teacher (419 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my favorite teacher:

All together I have twenty teachers in my school in total. We have different teacher for every subject. All the teachers are very good.


However some are strict, some gives big punishments for indiscipline and some gives surprise tests.

The teacher I love & admire the most is Mam Molly Mehta. She is our Science teacher. She is very beautiful. She has big height and big eyes. She has inner beauty too. She is a perfect example of an ideal teacher. Apart from school books she also teaches us many useful things in life. I discuss my personal problems with her like many other students. She has answers to all the problems. Her teaching methods are totally new.

We do not need to learn the answers. They way she teaches us make us understand the answers so that we can write them in our own words instead of learning. She has that power which draws everybody’s attention to what she is teaching. She believes in practical way of studying. So she conducts live experiments to various subjects to make us understand how it goes in real life.

She possesses deep knowledge about other subjects too. She is always updated with what is happening in the world. She discusses it with all of us to upgrade our general knowledge. She teaches us the importance of general knowledge and asks us to read newspapers, current affairs magazines and watch news about what is happening in the world around us. She links our study subject with something that has been taught in the world somewhere.


If any point of time we are not clear about what she is teaching she makes us understand again and again. We are never afraid of asking questions because we know that she would answer us as many times we asks her.

She is very focused and patient in life. But she is very strict as far as disciplinary issues are concerned. She keeps punishing until we learn right things. She encourages us to focus on other subjects also apart from science.

She pays attention to grammar errors also and corrects us immediately. She is loved and respected by all the teachers and principal of our school. She is a role model for many students. I aim to become a teacher like her in the future. I wish her all the success in life and may she remain with us in school as long as we need her.

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