Short Paragraph on My Watch (364 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Watch !

All of us have a watch that we are fond of. To own a watch was a great desire for me from a very young age.


I have seen my friends wearing watches of different colors and shapes and so when I asked my parents, they were willing to get me a watch. For my birthday, they presented me my watch, my first watch!!!

The watch that I got was really beautifully and trendy. It was the Ben 10 watch, which I am very fond of. It is red in color and has beautiful Ben 10 pictures on it, along the straps and on the dial. The dial is round and has a photo of Ben 10 embossed on it.

Inside the dial, the base is white in color. The numbers in the dial are all fluorescent and therefore it glows at night. The minute needle and the second’s needle also have their tips translucent, so at night, even that glows. The most attractive feature of my watch is the flexibility of the strap.

The strap of my watch is not like the ordinary watches that I have seen with my parents or friends. This strap does not have holes or buckle to strap it, it can bend on its own when applied a little pressure. Apart from bending and wrapping to the wrist, it could also be folded in many shapes and designs thus making my watch very attractive and different from what my friends have.


I had been longing for a watch that was different and my parents gifted me with the best model. I like it very much and when I don’t use them, I could round the strap and keep it safely in my cupboard. I need not worry about the durability of the strap of the watch as it is plastic and flexible. It is easy to mange and for students of my age, is very useful. Apart from the red, they were available in many colors is what my parents said, but most of all the red looked beautiful and that is why they bought for me. I like my watch very much and would keep it safely.

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